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The goal of the firm is to provide clients with aggressive, creative, and hands-on, yet affordable legal counsel on the cutting edge of the law. The practice is founded on professional experience and results in extraordinary cases as well as routine ones.

In these turbulent economic times, the firm takes a  practical approach to its fee structure, balancing current client demands against court costs and other expenses incurred during legal representation. He is always willing to arrange flexible and creative fee structures that will best serve clients.

Helping Clients Meet The Bottom Line

The law and the business of the law are changing rapidly, and Kovel meets the daily challenge of keeping pace or even moving faster.

For example, when medical doctors' careers were threatened by revocation of Medicaid provider status by the State agency's kangaroo court without so much as a hearing, Kovel went beyond the old arguments and forced the State to rewrite its unfair and illegal rules, and he saved those careers.


Today, Kovel battles other governments that infringe on citizen's rights. People with homes, rental properties and businesses here on Long Island are now confronted with extremely vigorous -- and often pointless -- code enforcement by the Counties, Towns,
Villages and Cities, as well as by State agencies, such as the Department of Environmental Conservation and by Federal agencies too. Local governments have carried out plans -- often illegal or unconstitutional -- to inflict huge, if not confiscatory penalties on homeowners by way of kangaroo courts in which the rules make the
owner guilty until he proves his innocence. Kovel is in the vanguard of the continuing battle over improper summonses and illegal restrictions
on use of land and personal property.

But no matter how good a lawyer is in the courtroom or at the bargaining table, the client always comes first, and past outcomes are not guarantees of future results.

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Handling a variety of complex and difficult cases and appeals in numerous legal fields, including corporate, administrative, contract, personal injury, criminal; and family law areas, Kovel has
served in the legal community for almost three decades.

A Tradition of Hard Work, Dedication, and Excellence

Kovel has worked diligently and effectively to provide the best available representation in challenging and novel legal matters, obtaining outstanding results for clients from all walks of life.

Rod Kovel is a graduate of The National Law Center of the George Washington University in 1987 and a graduate with Honors from Stony Brook University in 1982, obtaining Bachelors Degrees in Economics and Political Science, as well as a Masters in Policy Science.

Before opening the doors to his own office, he was a general and litigation practitioner in the Law Office of T. Kevin Murtha and Associates; Israel & Bray; Schneider, Harris, Harris and Furman; Weinstock, Joseph, Klatsky & Schwartz, LLP; and the Coalition of Landlords, Homeowners, and Merchants, Inc.

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Please note that Internet communications are not secure, and that any information sent on line could potentially be available to opposing parties, including the government, prosecutors, customers, competitors, or even enemies of the United States. It is preferable that Internet contacts contain minimal information, and that all subsequent contacts be made by telephone or in person.

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Rod Kovel is licensed to practice law in the State of New York, and his practice is limited to matters occurring in, or pertaining to, New York State. The laws of other states and countries can, and often are, vastly different. Persons or entities with concerns that do not pertain to New York State are encouraged to seek out attorneys in the relevant jurisdictions.


Practice Areas:

Commercial disputes
Consumer disputes
Professional Liability
White Collar Defense
Administrative and
Government Law
Tort Defenses
Discrimination Defense
Insurance and
Coverage Disputes
Property Damage
Civil Rights Violations
Business Torts
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